Travel survival

We know you all travel with your kids. And we all have our own survival tactics. Combination of books, pencils, audiobooks and iPads to get us through 2-10 hour flights or long drives.. but what if your flight is canceled, you miss a connection or the car breaks down? That’s when your preparedness is really tested. Here are a few disaster survival tips we have researched:

1. Comfortable clothes and shoes. Think layers and closed toes!
2. Get as much sleep as you can the night before, don’t pack at the last moment and lose precious Zzzz.
3. Organize your documents.. think of a bag with two compartments. One for kids-related stuff and another for passports and tickets.
4. Go to 99 cent store before-hand, have a few tricks and trinkets up your sleeve.
5. Think snacks. From healthy bananas and avocado to your guilty snack that buys you 10 minutes of quiet, you better have them all! Energy bars do not go bad and can save you when you are stranded.
6. Remember, it is a marathon, not a race. So save the best for last and start slow, don’t put on a movie in the first hour of your adventure.
7. Magnetic games. Stickers, easy projects. Art books that have idea prompts.
8. Photo book.. Kids love to look through their own photos from previous vacations and re-tell stories. We know, it is so 20th century, but it works!
9. Wipes, hand sanitizer, extra t-shirts, tissues.
10. And of course, take your World Explorers journal that you child will create in one of our classes. Those activities you can finish on the road will provide oodles of fun.

Bon voyage! And please add your own favorite survival tactics that have helped you in the past.

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