World Explorers Classes

Explorers Classes

Explorers classes for 5-9 year olds include Geography, History, Art, Movement and Cuisine.  Each month we explore a new country: learn new language through songs, dive into history through play and stories, work with the maps discovering the world, create art projects and try new cuisines!   

Art classes

Art classes include drawing technique and art history.  Our carefully prepared program complements  Explorers classes.  Not only will your children take an art class, they will deepen their understanding of new cultures, learn about art history and styles. 

Russian Theater

Our popular Russian Theater program helps children gain confidence, trains their memory and provides a nurturing, positive environment to practice Russian language skills!  We learn new songs, choreograph dances and design costumes.  Every semester we produce a new play for your enjoyment. 

Scavenger hunt

Every 2 months we head to the Metropolitan museum of Art to do a scavenger hunt about our favorite countries.  Families work on their own to find an answer hidden in a series of questions.  We love seeing children and adults exploring the art galleries, having fun together and winning prizes!  

Each weekly adventure includes:

Map Activity

Every week we begin by learning about continents and using our fun maps.  Activities progress and get increasingly more advanced each week.  We have tailored age-appropriate worksheets to go along the way as we prepare to solve a mystery in the last class of the month!    

Culture and language

What is it like to live in Japan?  What language do they speak?  Why would we want to go there?  We answer these questions and more!  We play “Restaurant” practicing our greetings, learn new customs as we try sushi with our chopsticks.  

Arts and Architecture

Each week we have a new art project inspired by a famous artist, learning new styles and names along the way.  In each country there are many sights, how to remember them all?  A game will help!  Musketeers need help finding Mona Lisa.. where should we look first? The Louvre? Notre Dame? Eiffel tower?  


Children spend too much time sitting in the classrooms.  We want to do the opposite.  We learn while we move, rocking on the carpet to a new song, flying from the map corner to the tables to do a writing activity, dancing to folk tunes and trying out new sports unique to each country. 


We believe in healthy food and want your children to recharge with a healthy snack.  What better way to learn the colors of the flag?   Blue is for blueberry, Red is for strawberry and White is for banana :). But we will not just eat the food, we will also try to make it ourselves.  In Mexico we will follow Aztec’s footsteps and grind maize into flour.  In Israel we will make hummus and try it with vegetables.  Maybe we will even leave some for the parents?  (No dairy or gluten in our snacks.)

Music and Songs

In each country we will soak up the local sounds.   For example, in Greece we will listen to Maria Callas, famous American-Greek soprano, dance “Sertaki” folk dance and enjoy “Children of Piraeu”, made famous by the film Pulp Fiction.  We will learn about instruments favored by Greek gods that may still be around today.  

What other parents are saying

What an amazing boost of creativity and sheer enjoyment for our kids! Whether it’s the one of a kind travel themed parties or the heartfelt music classes, my kids can’t wait for their next adventure with World Explorers Club.  Thank you to this talented duo for helping our kids to develop a love for world exploration!

Inna Dyadyuk

Inna Dyadyuk

Fair Lawn, NJ

We are so lucky to be a part of the World Explorers Club! My daughter absolutely loves the geography class! She looks forward to Mondays because of this class. An hour fifteen minutes just flies by when you are having fun, and fun while learning is the best there is.  And I have to say that the amount of information she retains after each class is impressive – I sometimes feel like I have to brush up on my own knowledge just to keep up.  It definitely has to do with the way this program is structured and presented. The teachers are phenomenal! And are great with kids! I very highly recommend World Explorers Club classes – you’ll be in for a treat!

Anna Trefel

Anna Trefel


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