Natural first aid kit will save you on the road!

Recently we went on a short camping trip with kids and found ourselves very unprepared for a few medical emergencies we had along the way.  All we had with us were bandages, hoping for an easy trip, but ended up dealing with a skin rash, bad cuts, insect bites and more!  Luckily, another mom with us was much better prepared.  The best part, a lot of her medical supplies were natural and very useful on the road.  Some of these may help you to put together your natural first aid kit to add to the conventional medicine already saving us on the road.


Conventional-Natural remedies shortlist:

  • Calendula cream for rashes
  • Witch Hazel to disinfect
  • Arnica to bring down swelling/bruising
  • Hyland Bug bite ointment to stop itching
  • Ginger candy to sooth stomachache and throat
  • Wipes
  • Bandages
  • Tylenol
  • Peptobismol
  • Cough syrup
  • Benadryl



One of my daughters had a rash, Calendula cream (homeopathic) was wonderful to calm down the inflammation without using harsh chemicals.

CalendulaCream 2.5_05-29-13

Another daughter had a bad fall with a nasty cut.  We used Hydrogen Peroxide to clean the wound and Neosporin-type product to disinfect.  A natural alternative to clean and disinfect the wound is Witch Hazel, plus it brings down skin inflammation:

FirstAid Witch hazel

Arnica cream (or gel) was great to bring down the swelling and give some pain relief.  It reduces the healing time when used right after injury.

FirstAid Arnica


Bug bite ointment helped get some relief from mosquitoes.  It is not 100% effective, but the placebo effect in addition to oatmeal extract that is one of the ingredients definitely helps!

FirstAid Bug ointment


Ginger or peppermint can sooth upset stomach.  If you don’t want to carry fresh ginger with you,  try throwing a few ginger or mint candies into your bag.

FirstAid ginger candy

Burn relief.. Alocane has both Aloe and 4% Lidocaine for more serious burns.  Not a perfect fit for Natural first aid kit, but it may provide serious relief in an emergency.

FirstAid Burn gel



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