Let your children plan your next vacation

Is your tween or teenager ready to make choices for the whole family?  We are giving it a try.  Inspired by the recent New York Times article to let children decide the next destination we are going to let our 9 year old plan our next family getaway, hopefully, something that everyone will like.

It has to have culture, history and fun, it has to be a place we have not been to yet, a town inside the United States, a hotel that will cater to both adults and kids, good restaurants nearby.  We will use a site like Travefy to monitor the progress and see if she needs any help.


Well, because it will help our 9 year old to explore geography of the United States and get to know towns from a different prospective.  She will no longer be merely memorizing capitals of the states in the classroom, but making a decision why we should go there.  She will be more invested in the trip itself and will need to convince us using evidence of her research that her choices are valid.  Not to mention she will learn what is it like to plan a budget and what things cost.

Who knows, maybe she will pack everything, too?  Blog Let children decide travel Liza with umbrella


We are going to give her 4 days for November school break getaway.   Hopefully we will end up somewhere fun!  Stay tuned.




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