Love-hate relationship with baba ganoush

This week we were able to cook something new with our Sunday class.  While exploring Egypt the kids saw how to char an eggplant over an open flame (first you have to stick it with forks, which was so much fun), roast it in the oven and blend with all the right ingredients.   Full recipe here.

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Almost all the kids in this class had tried what they cooked.  It was so great to see 6-8 years olds trying new foods and experimenting!  And this is the children whose parents tell us they will not try new things at home.

The next day was a different class with less time devoted to cooking.  We only had time to sample the previously cooked mezze (Egyptian version of tapas).  It was the same food as in the Sunday class, kids of similar ages.  But only 2 explorers actually tried baba ganoush, those who have had it before.

Just goes to show, once again, if children cook it, they are much more likely to try it.  Cook new foods with your kids and they will surprise you!  Ours like frog legs, go figure!

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