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We are getting a lot of questions from interested parents and thought we might post some of the helpful answers here.


Q- When do the classes begin?

A – September 10th is the first day of our classes, but we have Welcome back party on September 9th.  All are welcome!


Q- What do children do in Explorers classes?

Our Explorers (interactive geography) classes are 1 hr and 15 minutes long, they include geography, history, games, craft, music and language segments.  At the end of each month we cook something ethnic together.

For example, when we explore Italy, we focus on a new city in every class.  In Venice we become merchants, learn about Marco Polo, go for a ride in a gondola,  look at Murano glass and learn about San Marco square.  We will learn Italian by singing a song.  Our craft is also Venice-related.  We don’t want to give away all details, but there will be feathers and jewels involved!   The following week in Ancient Rome we make sandals out of real leather, create a mosaic in terracotta clay, learn how the Roman soldiers became some of the best in the world.  We focus on a famous historical heroes and come back to them throughout the lesson.  We will make our own bath oil and find out the amazing achievements of the Roman empire!

Of course, in addition to having fun, we also have a worksheet or two.  All children learn differently and sometimes writing, circling, connecting and drawing really helps solidify what we talk about in class.


Q- What countries will you explore?

A- Fall semester includes Italy, India, Peru, and Denmark.  We try to have a diverse list to give the children a broad view of the world.


Q- Is there homework?

A- Yes, we call it HomeFUN.  It is one page, very visual and colorful.  We try to make it a bit silly to keep younger kids interested in serious subjects.  For older kids we have reading we provide and slightly more complicated projects.  And, of course, there are prizes for the completed work.


Q- What is “Explorers In Depth” age 10+ class?  What do you do there?

A- It is an informal class for curious kids.  It is fast-moving, packed with information.  We present difficult historical concepts in slightly easier to digest format and teach children how to analyze events.

This year we have an ambitious plan to focus on ancient civilizations, starting with Ancient Egypt and connecting through time to Ancient Greece and Rome.  We will talk about how one civilization learned from another, what were the causes of their rise and fall and who were the main players at different times in history.  We will end with the fall of the Roman Empire and touch on the Middle Ages.

Each class is 90 minutes, but the last class of each session is 3 hours long.  We play games, eat dinner together and then watch a movie, with subtitles.


Q- How many children are in class?

12 max children in Explorers classes

10 max children in Theater Workshops

8 max in Art classes

8 max in Explorers in Depth


Q- How can I save my spot if I am not sure if I can book the whole semester?

A- Book a trial class.  That saves your spot and gives you a chance to pay for the semester at the time of the trial.  Of course, if you know you want to sign up, it makes sense to do it in advance to get 10% off before September 1st.


Q- Why are your Art classes taught in Russian?

A – We are working very hard to give our children opportunities to hear and practice their Russian in a positive place.  Our language-rich art classes provide the Russian immersion that we all were looking to find to supplement or substitute formal language classes.  Our art teacher Alina has a special touch with the children to give them confidence, explore new colors and techniques, teach art history.  Her lessons are working in conjunction with our Explorers classes and supplement our curriculum.


Thanks so much for reading!


See you in class in September,

World Explorers team


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