Travel books for kids: Guides and Fiction

There are so many travel books for children, hard to pick what’s worth reading, what will get our kids to fall in love with travel and help the parents survive it!  World Explorers researched the best of recommneded children travel literature and wanted to share some very well received fiction as well as useful travel guides.  Just a few of the resources we use as we prepare for our programs 🙂


Kids reading Vendela in Venice

Love & Gelato  (grade 6 and up): Girl’s travel through Tuscany, vivid descriptions of Florence and other sites intertwined with a love story.

Vendela in Venice (grade 4-7): Swedish girl’s travel through Venice, littered with Venetian culture and history.  Great read, recommended by an esteemed Venice expert.

Linnea in Monet’s Garden (grade 3-7):  Not only does it have information about France, it is a lovely book that contains lots of photographs of Monet’s paintings.

A Single Shard (grade 5-7), Newbery winner about a young man’s journey to South Korea.

Kids reading Inside out and back againInside Out and Back Again (grade 5-12), Newbery honor book, a journey of fleeing Vietnam and moving to Alabama.  Lots of information about Saigon and its sights.

Little Leap Forward: A Boy in Beijing (grade 3-6).  Novel about a boy growing up in Beijing, beautifully written, award winner.

Royal Diaries (grade 4-8): Series of fictional diaries focusing on royalty of various places.  Elizabeth I, Eleanor of Aquitaine, Isabel of Spain, Catherine the Great of Rsussia, Marie Antoinette of France, Jahanara of India and so on.

Kids reading Lost in IrelandLost in Europe (grade 3-7): A series by Cindy Callaghan, light novels about young girl’s travel in major European cities.  Nice way to introduce a new location to a tween.  Lost in LondonLost in ParisLost in Rome, and Lost in Ireland series.

Magic Tree House series (grade 1-5): Lots of books about time travel to different places and centuries.  Well-loved books fun and educational books.

Adventures of TinTin  (grade 4-7): There are 25 books about kid detective TinTin traveling to far off places.  If you are looking for a book about places like Egypt, India, or China, could be a fun option and the main character is a quick thinking young man.


TRAVEL GUIDESKids reading this is Rome

This is Rome (for 6-12 year olds)

A classic series by a Czech writer Miroslav Sasek, well loved and recently re-published with charming, original illustrations.   This is London, NY, Edinburgh, Paris, Rome, etc.

Kid’s Travel Guide (for 5-10 year olds)

Information is presented by kid-friendly guide Leonardo in these fun travel guides.  In addition to useful travel background on all sites, you also have quizzes, activities and things to keep you busy on the road.  Kid’s Travel Guide to Paris, London, Rome, Thailand.

Mission books (for 6-13 year olds)Kids reading Mission paris map

Scavenger hunt for kids through major sights of each city.  Something you can use during the trip both in print, or as an app.  Mission Rome, London, Barcelona, Paris, etc.


Happy reading and traveling together!

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