Shalom Israel!

Exploring Israel with a group of 5-8 year olds in a special 2 hour program this weekend was a blast!   We called it our pre-launch party, a pilot class to polish Israel program.

Felix with the globe ArielaJoshWe started by learning about the globe and continents, focused on the diversity of Israel, smelled and touched spices traveling across the Negev dessert on the Spice Road.

The adventure really began when the Star of David went missing from our flag craft!
We had to get on the road and learn the story of David and Goliath, explore Jerusalem landmarks, buy and decorate a Hamsa at the Arabic market and finally become archeologists to find the missing stars in the sand.


Julia with kids raising hands Israeli flagOf course we took breaks to sing a song in Hebrew and learn a dance, no class would be complete without a bit of fun!


We finished off by making our own hummus and eating it too!

Can’t wait for the new adventures in France in September and in-depth exploration of Israel in October!

Todah Chaverim!

Thank you dear friends for participating!


Natalie and Mira looking at the map Natalie and Anne writing on board Nastya with Ariela puzzle map other kids Misha writing Israel Kinds in Sand box looking Felix Julia by the map pointing

Josh writing Shalom  Jacob Josh Hamsa craft other kids   Felix and Jacob writing Ariela and Felix Hamsa craft

Mia and Sam trying Hummus Making hummus Josh pouring Olive oil

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