Why choose World Explorers Club?

Well, we are biased, but it is because in World Explorers Club children are going to have a great time!  But on top of having fun, we have a mission: to share knowledge about the world with our children and to help them retain it.

We go over the same information in each of the 4 classes focusing on one country, but each time in a different format.  Sometimes it is a story, sometimes a game, sometimes a craft, or kids become tour guides who have to tell us about the landmarks.

But  World Explorers Club is not only about learning the names of oceans or remembering state capitals.

Arthur Lekht looking up listeningOur classes are about THINKING.  When we talk about Mediterranean sea, we split the word in parts and learn what Medius (middle) and Terra (land) mean and how they come together.  It helps kids remember and will help with vocabulary as they get older.  When we talk about Israel, we ask questions, do you think it was true that Albert Einstein was asked to be the President of Israel?   They may be only 6 or 7, but they give incredibly impressive answers.


Our classes are about LISTENING.  Listening to new languages and learning to make new sounds.  We have some very professional French Rrrrrrr‘s after only a few weeks in France!  We also listen to folk songs and classical music, learning to appreciate different instruments.


Grisha Three kids raising hands

Our classes are about TOLERANCE.  Maybe tolerance and open mind begin with trying to convince somebody that Frog legs are not icky, that we can all like different foods or dress differently, but still find many things in common?  We would like to think so!



Grisha 5 yolds with monet projects


Our classes are about CREATIVITY.  We make our art projects as visual as possible.   As the children are working on their creations they listen to stories about the artist, to fairy tales and legends and share a very special time together.


Our classes are about being INCLUSIVE.  We work with different children and different temperaments and try to make everyone feel welcome and jump through the roof with joy when they come out of their comfort zones.  Nothing is better than when a quiet, reserved child forgets he is shy and speaks up in class.


Grisha two girls by map

Our classes are about TEAMWORK.  We often split the class and have a friendly competition playing brain games.  We work in small groups to solve challenges and help each other out learning to take turns.  Everyone feels a part of the team which creates new friendships!



We have to stop or it will get too long for anyone to read.

But we hope you will come try a class and see for yourself why World Explorers Club classes are very special!

Happy teachers after class

Julia and Anastasia

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